Tuesday, August 19, 2014

B-day Party in Santiago

So I told you about my birthday party in Dikili, but that was far from it!  We had a second one in Santiago!  I prepared a lot for it.  Before the guests came, I was rehearsing...

Then they started coming slowly...  First Feni. Cute as a button.  Accompanied by Aica.

Then Valentina.  I tell you, this one is a natural born leader.  She knows the coolest games!

Then came Trini, with her puppy eyes...  How can the parents say no to anything she asks for?

Last but not least...  tan ta ra taaaaaaannnn, Oli!  Oli serious...

Oli smiling...  hahah.

Other guests of honor included Daniel Dede

And Bebek!

Soon after they arrived, came the most expected event of the year!  The cake!  See, I am pointing at it!  There it is!

Valen and Oli were nice enough to help me blow ALL the candles!

I was happy they helped!

But I wanted more, so Papa turned them on again.

With cake time over, we played like crazy with a bubble gun!  Oli was a pro!  Just look at her!

I gave it a shot too, I could get them out, but they were not as round as Oli's.

Trini tried too.  Same as me, more or less.

And Valen...

Feni on the other hand was not so into it.

We all got very tired.  Some of us had to run to our mom's arms because we were beat!

I ended up happy, but also a bit sad, hence my mixed emotions face.  I have to wait an entire year for this to happen again!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Driving in Dikili

Yes!  Started driving around...  and around...  and around...

Honestly, not sure what the whole fuzz is about, except that you need to be very concentrated!

Friday, August 8, 2014

When I misbehave...

... right before am about to get yelled at...  this is my go to face...

Believe me, it works!