Friday, May 31, 2013

My Profession

I don't think I ever posted on this blog about my future profession.  Some hocus pocus we once did in Turkey revealed I will be a musician when I grow up (sorry Papá, no penguins...).  Being a musician sucks.  Either you are extremely good at it, in which case you become rich, or you live poor forever.  I want to be rich.  So I decided to start.

Now, I do have musician genes that come from my Great grandfather (excellent piano and acordeon player) and my Great Great Grandmother (Opera singer), both from Papá's side.  However, Anne does not have such blood.  And you can see it in the video.  All Anne wants to do is make the xylofon sound...  No Anne, you first learn the theory, then practice.  Notice how I am getting acquainted with the instrument BEFORE I start playing.  This takes a while, but after I feel that I have a basic understanding of the theory, I can play one small note.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Keeping Myself Busy

These days have been hectic.  Turns out I am learning how to do new things, so they are fruitful.  Unfortunately, I have no pics to show you how well I clap, send kisses, or wave bye bye, but believe me, I am getting good at it.

What I have is pictures showing my investigative dexterity...

My Ayran drinking...

My eating (of something disgusting, for sure)...

My shopping...

And my new model poses...

As a good ending, a nice pic with Papa with the Tshirt that my abuelo made!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Party at Sofía´s

On Sunday we all went to have lunch at Sofi´s place.  Sofía showed up a bit late...  She's Spaniard, what can you expect?  Anyways, a bunch of us were there: Tomás, Inés, Sofía, and me.  And some grown-ups too.

We started off playing with Inés and Tomás...  I enjoy playing with them, because, well, isn't it obvious?  Tomás is soooooo  handsome and Inés presents no threat... She is his sister!

Just check out how handsome this boy is...

After a while, Sofía showed up.  I love seeing her, I was very happy to play with her.  It had been a while since we last played.  Inés was teaching us both nice games.

The problem with Sofía is that she is NOT Tomás' sister...  And, unfortunately, realizes how hot he is... So there was some friendly competition.

We then went to the park where we used the swings a lot.  At first I was swinging together with Anne...  I really wanted to hang out with new people, but she cannot let go very easily, so I indulged her at first.

But then I thought of a nice trick...  I would ask Sofi to hop onto Anne and I asked Barbie to swing me a bit.  It was soooo fun...

After Barbie, I went on top of Ire, while Sofi stayed with Anne.

And then I went with the Spanish Zoolander...  Check it out!  He was so funny I could not stop laughing!  (they call him el huevo...  I wonder why...)

And then something cool happened...  Both Inés and the hottie wanted to go to the swing with their mum...  ha!  Cool, right?

In all, we had a fantastic time.  Apparently, the lamb the grown ups had was quite good, that Irene prepared.  But who would eat lamb when there is teta?  who? who? who?

At the end we wanted to take a group picture...  but we kids needed some grownups to hold us.  We couldn´t decide who, so all of them made it to the picture.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Last Weekend with Tio Billy and Tia Giulia

Hey!  Finally I met zia Giulia!  She's sooooooo  cooooooollllllll!!!!  I had a great time with both of them.

First they invited us to a nice restaurant, on Saturday, where we ate great stuff...  Well, I ate great stuff (bread), they just ate fish...  This is one of the things they ordered: Rape...  Pretty disgusting, no?

At some point, Papá noticed that tio Billy was eating too much, so he asked me to distract me.  I WANTED to distract him, so I went along.  Here is a pic of me distracting him.

The next day we went to Pedraza...  A nice little town not too far away.  They ate some lamb...  if you ask me, a lot...

But if you ask them, not enough...

I was in shock!!!!

When we went back home, we thought it was time to have some girl talk, so we kicked the guys out and chitchatted about the new Jen Anniston movie...  we decided it will suck!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Trip to Retiro

This weekend we went to Retiro.  It was the last trip somewhere before Anneanne goes back home...  I will miss her.  But I will see her shortly, in Turkey.  Anyways, trip to Retiro.

First of all, we went...  by BUS!!!  I don't know if this is good or bad.  I like car trips better, but I have to admit that the bus ride was not bad, at least as a new experience.  Check me out riding a bus, he!  On my way to the park, to be honest, I was hot.  So I wanted to get out of the stroller and onto Papá's arms.  Eventually he let me (duh!).

On the way back, the bus was emptier, and the trip nicer.  See how I look more relaxed?

We did cool stuff, the day was nice enough for it.  Here I am with Anne, Anneanne and my pretty hat.

And to finish things, we climbed trees!  He!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Leisure in Córdoba

I talked about the festivals, I talked about the touristic places...  but the best part of the trip to Córdoba, was our leisure time!

Of course, we tried the local cuisine... their bread was fantastic!

Had a lot of fun with Papá in the terraces, where people eat.

 More fun with Papá.

Some fun by myself, with the beautiful hat that la abuela Vivian gave me.

And a lot of fun with Anneanne!

And with Anne...

By the end of the day, I was pretty tired.  Fortunately, there was Papá's chest to rest on.

Touristic Places in Córdoba

We really liked Córdoba.  So I wanted to show you some of the touristic places that I learned about.  Pay attention.

This is the Puerta del Puente.  Very nice.  Me, Papá and Anneanne.

More Puerta del Puente.  Changed Anne for Papá.

The next ones are me with other people in the patio outside the Mosque.

The next one is inside the Mosque.

This is the door of the place where we stayed.  I chose the place.  Nice, right?

This is the Puente Romano.  The top part is quite new, but the bottom one is old, from those Roman folks.

The next batch is outside the Alcazar.  We did not go in, so no pics inside, sorry...

Hope you like Córdoba.  I thought it was beatiful!