Sunday, November 30, 2014

Goodbye to Manu

Manu Ortner left Chile.  Too bad, off to break hearts in Poland.  To commemorate, we had a private goodbye party in Tiramisu, the only decent pizzeria in Chile (which is, by the way, really good).

Let me summarize the meeting we had.  First, I was really really happy to see Manu.

We laughed, and we hugged, just as soon as we sat in the table.

One hug was not enough.  I hugged him right back!

But after a while, things got serious.  I mean, I am not going to see the dude for a really long time, and that made us sad.  We talked about it, and it was nice.  Sad, but nice.

Then Manu wanted to kiss me to cheer me up, but if you ask me, he got a bit frisky.

I tried not to let him down, so I moved my face avoiding the lips, just hitting my cheek!  That boy...

Like any meal, we ended in a good note.  With a chocolate cake!  Manu was upset about his hands getting dirty,

But I told him that was a good thing!  He could lick his fingers and that meant eating even more choco!

Best of lucks Ortners.  I hope you find nice friends in Poland!