Friday, April 26, 2013

El tio Billy

My tio Billy came to visit the other day. He looks a bit like Papa, only skinnier and taller, so, in short, uglier. Anyways. At the beginning I was not too confident, but after five minutes we were laughing our heads off!! On top of it, he gave me Bucuchu as a present! Isn't Bucuchu great?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Last Weekend

Last weekend was nice.  We got to relax a bit after a period of craziness, where the Turkish grandparents were here, and Papa was gone.  We went to the park, and I tried the swings...  not a fan so far.

Then I found out that Anne is not going to be working in Chile, so I thought of an excellent business plan.  We are going to stop cars at the light and Anne will ask them for a coin!  But this is not as easy as it looks.  I need to get inside my character, which is that of a Gypsy baby.  So we started practicing.  What do you think?

Later, Sofia called, she wanted to show me her new tricks.  Can you believe that she learned how to clap????  I am so jealous...  She said she would teach me.

We started by playing nicely, minding our own business, gossiping, the usual Kay - Sofi time.

 But then Sofi noticed that both Papá and Matías (her Papá) were watching us, and listening to everything we were saying.  She took it lightly, but I was outraged.

So I looked very seriously at both of our Papás and told them that this cannot be, and that if this lack of privacy continued we would not invite them to our gatherings anymore.  We would only come with Anne and Irene (Sofía's Anne).  Sofía understood the gravity of the situation and joined me in putting a very serious face.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Party Like a Rockstar

Last night I went out. partied like crazy, had a lot of fun.

At some point I started drinking, and things started getting blurry.

I got completely thrashed!  I could not keep my eyes open!

Then things got out of hands, out of focus, and out of respect!  I was babbling things and druling and, oh well...  better not remember.  A picture is worth 1000 words.  Notice that I even had to change my t-shirt!

Dude!! Never again, I promise.  The next day I was so messed up I could not wake up!

Friday, April 19, 2013

A Very Tiring Day

Some time ago I had a super busy day, and I managed all my duties perfectly. I thought I would share it with everyone, so that you can learn from my expertise.

We went to the house of Tomas and Ines and Fede and Barbara. Many of us came... Santi, Sofia, Cata, Joaco, Tomas, Ines, Justo, Guille, Nico, Franchu, Valen and my future babysitter Clarita. There were also a bunch of grownups... Irrelevant.

The older kids had a dance competition. First Tomas battled Clarita and then it was a great performance between Justo, Franchu y Valen. Valen won. I totally want to dance like her when I grow older.

The younger ones, We played a lot, first with Santi.

Then Sofia joined us.

This made me really tired and hungry, so the minute we went back home, I had a huge snack.

And then I slept a nap.

When I woke up, I felt very happy....

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stupid iDog!

So, at home we all have our gadgets.  Anne has her iPad, Papá has his iPhone...  and I have the coolest of all.  Or at least what I thought of as the coolest...  This iDog has been on Papá's and Anne's nerves for a while, and it finally got to mine as well.  I decided to turn him off.  The bastard disagreed though, so it kept running away from me.  But, duh, I am superKay, right?  So in the end I caught him.  I win once again!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bread and Me

Guys, I discovered something new and interesting... BREAD.  It has a certain magic that is hard to describe.  You can bite it, you can swallow it, and you can even use it as make-up!  All of this I discovered in my recent trip to San Sebastián, where we stayed in a hotel with breakfast included, and they gave you all the bread you could eat!

Here's me having a bite.

Here, I am having a lot of fun with the stuff, since it is an amazing tooth scratcher!

Here I am wearing it as make-up, and  so happy about it that I dedicated bread a song!

Finally, I was having a good time with Anne, but for some reason, she does not like me wearing make-up.  And took it OUT!!!!!  I got a bit angry...