Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Chilling out with Papa's friends

The last day in Buenos Aires Papa's friends came over for some empanadas.  They are in the back, see?

More importantly, a bunch of kids came along, including Manu!  It was lovely to see him again.  See how happy I was?

I hugged him so hard he could not breathe!

Then we played with Matias, Manu's papa.  Football, of all things.  The ball is imaginary.

That day, I met a new heartbreaker, Felipe, who is even younger than Manu!  But his Mom would not leave him alone!  So she had to be in the picture.  But since she was there, Anne found it a great excuse to show up too!

Felipe's papa is a cool guy too.  He sold me cup cakes!

Working at the Gap

Once again, I am required to pitch in. So I got a job at The Gap. Do you like my decor?

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Visit to Sofi Alpert

Next stop in Buenos Aires: Sofi!!!!!!  My dearest, bestest girlfriend EVER!!!!  It was amazing to see her.  We just look too cute together, don't we?

Unfortunately, she was not feeling very well, so I made her a lot of mimos.

And gave her a lot of kisses.

And after that, I think she was a bit better.

So we played some music...

There, listen

Then we did some a cappella stuff, led by Irene

and then some...

Then we got tired of singing and just played games

As always Sofi, you are the best friend one can hope for!  Besos!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Visit to Manu Weissmann

In Argentina we went to Manu's house.  It is super cool!  He has so many toys!  And he likes to share them with me.  If not, I tell him: I am your abla and you need to compartir!  So we played a lot, especially for the toy that I gave him for his birthday!  Is it not great?

Guess what?  He has a SWING in the garden!  Actually, I get to swing often in parks, but when do I get to swing MANU?  EH???  Well, I seized the opportunity!

At the end, when we got tired of playing, we just sat to watch some TV with Anne...

Manu, you have a beautiful house, and it is beautiful because it is full of toys!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Last Trip to Argentina in 2014

So we decided to say bye bye to 2014 by going to Argentina.  It was very nice.  Both my uncles were there, so I got pampered big time!  

As most of you know, travelling is stressing, so I took it as lightly as possible and tried to relax in the trip.  Here is me chilling at the LAN lounge.

The trip was great.  I hanged out with both Billy and Tacho

And with Dede.

We did not really plan anything, mostly, we relaxed.  See?

We had great food, specially in a place with the best carne con papas...

We also visited friends like Manu Weissmann and Sofi Alpert.  I will get to that later.  Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.  So we made it back to Chile.  Dede and I were sad to depart.  We walked silently for a while to say bye bye.

Friday, December 19, 2014

GoodBye 2014...

At school we did a play saying goodbye to 2014...  Hawaii inspired...  I was the star... duh!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pi pi pi!

Let's go for a car ride...  I got my seventies on, I got my groove on, I got my set of wheels, so, Anne, hop next to me, we're going to the disco disco disco party!

But wait! Dont forget the seatbelt!

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Turns out there is a museum only for kids in Miami!  Only for KIDS!  Soooo coooooollll!!!!  There, kids are in charge of everything grown ups do in general.  So first thing first, I did the groceries.

Then I climbed a mighty high wall.

I then made a few friends.  Dora and someone who's name is a mystery to me.

Then I wiped the floor of the music room!

And then I just looked cute!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Hurtful Kiss Game

We have a new game with Papa and Anne.  Don't try it at home, only professionals can do it.  It goes as follows.  First Papa pinches me really hard, and then Anne takes the pain away by kissing me.  Then I pinch Papa very hard, and Anne takes the pain away by kissing him.  Take a look at the example below.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Singing at the beach

We went to the beach in Miami.  It was the perfect setting to practice my vocal strengths.

And also to stand still and watch the time go by with Papa.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Miami's Deadly Beasts

The authorities found out I was in Miami.  Don't ask how they knew.  They just knew.  So they asked me if I could help them tame some mighty beasts they had.  Since I owe myself to justice, I said yes.  But since I did not want to be away from Sofi, I asked her if she would help, and she said yes!  Harika!

The task as hand was hard.  First we geared up.  The comfiest clothes we had.

And then off to work.  First, deal with the humongous Turkey!  

No biggie, with the help of SuperSofi, we were done in no time.

Then came the fierce, mean sheep and the dreadful white bird.  I dealt with them alone, since Sofi was dealing with a Lion, hardly worth mentioning.


Lastly, I was challenged to the end of my abilities.  I had to tame a Stallion!  I couldn't work from below, so I hopped on to tackle the problem.  It was too hard, so I asked Papa for help... 

Turns out, I still could not tame the beast.  So I called in for the big guns!  ANNE!

And that got the job done!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Going to see SuperSofi!

Recently we went on a trip to see my all time favourite BFF!  Yes, that same one that used to fight me over dolls!  Now we are all grown up, but as friends as ever.  Anyways, here go a couple of memories of that last trip.

Off I went, super excited, and with a suitcase full of expectations!

As soon as we arrived, I rushed to see Sofi!  She is so grown up!  We chatted and chatted, while making ourselves a nice cup o joe!

We savoured every drop of that joe, slowly.

And when we were done, we finished with a big AAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Then Sofi took me to her room, a beautiful, large, room, where we could play and paint!

So immediately we started painting.  First we had to put on protective gear.  Mine was blue.  Sofi's red.

And we painted and painted.

Sofi's painting was a masterpiece!  That kid's got talent!

Do you like mine?  I do, a lot!  I have talent too!

If painters would coauthor, we would fill Econometrica with paintings!

Then we went to sleep.