Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sofia can get on my nerves sometimes...

Sofia is one of my best friends.  We spend almost 9 months trapped in stomachs very close to each other, so she's more like a sister.  And I love her to death, but sometimes she can get on my nerves.  Last weekend, she came home and we played.  At some point, I wanted to grab her arm to (of course, daah) put it in my mouth (if it's not food, it is safe to put in mouth).  But the b... aby had the nerves to take the arm away from my reach!  How dare she!  And so I reacted.  In retrospect, I might have overreacted.  What did I do?  I saw her interest in MY gym mat and took it AWAY FROM HER!!!  HA!  There you go!


Well...  sorry Sofia, I will make it up next time you come by....

Friday, February 22, 2013

Abuela's Patchwork

Sadly, I never met my abuela. They say she was cool though. Well, papa loved her a lot. Anyways, I am drifting away. She left this patchwork for me. I love it! Isn't it beautiful? And how cool am i on top of it?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Telling Papa about my Findings

K: Am super excited!

P: About what?

K: About the findings I just got from my model.  It's really cool!  This is about this paper on the traveling path of sea lions going from San Francisco to Vina del Mar!!!  I developed a model of the easiest way to go there, parameterized it, and then run 100,000 Monte Carlo simulations!!!

P: And did you get in the model the results in the data?

K: NO!  Not at all!  But I then changed one of the assumptions in the model, and, you see, I assumed the sea lions were lazy, that they wanted to swim as little as possible!

P: That seems like the natural assumption.

K: YEAH, IT DOES!  But it turns out that it is wrong!  You see, I then noticed that in the data they stop for a couple of weeks in Galapagos islands, and here they sing a lot!  So I did some research, and turns out sea lions are super!  So I changed an assumption in the model and...

A: What are you doing?

K: ANNE!!! DONT interrupt!!!  Where was I?  Yes, the change in assumption....  SMMMAAACKKK!!!  ANNE!!!!!!  QUIT IT!!!! SSSSMACKKKK!!!!  I was saying, I changed the assumption, noticing that when they go to Galapagos islands.  There, the sea lions were thought to sing...  BUT NO!  THEY SCREAM, they dont sing.  You see, like this... IIIIIIIIIIII.  IIIIIIIII.

P: NO More scream?

K: Papa!  I'm serious!

P: One more scream, big one!

K: well, turns out that I reformulated my model to include the screaming.  I have not tested it yet.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hey all, I learned a new tonguetwister!  Or at least I think that's what it is.  No one ever told me what a tonguetwister is, but what ELSE can it be?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Tribute to Zoolander

Zoolander is a classic.  Right there with Scarface, Godfather, and Never Say Never.  It is deep, insightful, and gives you plenty to think about.  Kind of like The Wall, the more you see it, the more you understand it.  And, as anyone would, I was inspired by it.  So I decided to start practicing on some of my posture faces, those that, maybe one day, will inspire other people.  Just like Derek Zoolander inspired me.

Here is a sample of some of the moves I have been working on.  While I am not accepting job offers, if you feel that you MUST hire me for some modelling job, leave me a comment!

Looking at the horizon.  Perfect picture for selling binoculars.  Suggested slogan: if you are interested in the horizon, with these it will be as if you are there!

Surprise Surprise!  Ideal for commercials teaching parents how to tell kids that Santa Claus does not really exist.  This is how surprised they would be by the news.

Stop bothering, I am busy!  Perfect for campaigns telling parents to lay off for at least a few minutes!  Please people, get a life!

Arguing and making my point.  I see this as the ideal face for political campaigns.  It says: this politician will argue to the very end, and will eventually get what you voted him for!

 Party rocker.  Should I say more?

IIIAAACKKK!  Food commercials (other than teta, of course).

OOOPS!  This one I am still working on.  This is just a draft.  The idea is to use it for some kind of mistake, as in Brittney's oops, I did it again.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The right of every baby

C'mon people... A cradle? Really? And be trapped in that 70 x 130 box? No way! Now this is what am talkin'bout.

A Nerdy Conversation with Anne

K: Am telling you, if we estimate that probability using maximum likelihood, our estimator will be biased, and, moreover, inconsistent.

A: Well then what do you propose?

K: We should think more about it, but my impression is that we have to go non parametric, or maybe use a Generalized Method of Moments ...  yes, that should work.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This problem had me awake for days on end. It does not matter what it was about, complicated stuff, believe me, you would not understand.

The important thing is that I finally got it! And this made me happy...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No Means NO!

Let's see...  how can I make it clearer Papa...  NO!!!!  I DONT WANT THIS, I DONT NEED THIS, SO TAKE IT AWAY!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Time Flies Dude!

Whoa.  Sometimes I just gotta stop and look back.  Otherwise, my whole life will have gone and I will have forgotten to enjoy.  Just look at a picture of me about one month ago, and another when I was about 4 days old.  I feel like that WAS NOT ME!

I always considered myself a high fashion chick, always up with the newest stuff.  That means that in the first pic, I was fashionable...  But it is hard to imagine now!  kinda when you look at jane fonda, with that huge hair of hers in the 80s (1980!, like a hundred years ago) when she (my father says) was hot.  And now you see supercool brittney spears with no hair at all.  Of course, brit is superhot.  But back then, so was Jane!

Check the pics, you'll see what I mean.  Believe it or not, it is the same chair!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stand Up Procedure

I wanted to share with you something very crucial to any baby: how to stand up.  This is an instructional video that everyone that has not mastered the standing up procedure must watch.  It is in baby language, so let me translate for all of you non babies out there.  Here it goes.

Kay: "Anne (mum), ask me to stand up so I can explain to my fans the entire sequence"

Anne: "Kayra, my beauty, please stand up"

K: "Step 1.  Grab on with both hands to the wooden bars.  Step 2. Bite the middle bar a little, to make sure it does not taste like food.  If it does, spit it out right away, just like you would do with anything but breastmilk.  Step 3.  Grab on to the top, transversal, wooden bar.  I will repeat this a couple of times to make it clear.  Step 4.  Stand.  When you are standing, take the opportunity to look outside.  It feels great, like seeing everything from above."

A: "Kayrita, preciosa, have you finished explaining?  Did I do a good job filming?"

K: "Anne, really?  I am in the middle of an important explanation and you interrupt like this?  I cannot believe this..."

A: "kikikikikikikikikikikiki.  ktktktktktktktktktktk"

K: "he, my Anne is cool!"

Monday, February 4, 2013

A SuperKay Adventure

Tomas is a friend of mine.  Much older than me, he is almost three years old, so, let's be honest, he is old.  He is also a little wild, the kind of guy that does things without measuring the consequences.  A couple of months ago, he went too far.  He fell inside the Gorilla's cage at the zoo, and well, the Gorilla wanted to eat him.  Fortunately for him, he knows me.  So I saved him.  It is true, it all got on film.  Check it out.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The coolest, wonkiest thing on Youtube...

People, please, pay attention!  Forget about gangnam, the justins (bieber, timberlake), charlie's brother's finger... Wonky Donkey is what youtube is really about...  Check out how I like it!

Defending the Kingdom

Sometimes, a baby is gotta do what a baby's gotta do.  My life is not just playtime, naptime, shittime, and and pisstime.  I have a kingdom to defend, and this is what I am doing now, in the picture.  Popo is especially demanding.  He is the hippo behind me.

Superkay's Superpowers

With time, I develop new superpowers.  So far, with a bit over six months of age, my superpowers include: the power of sitting straight, the power of rolling from tummy up to tummy down, the power of rolling from tummy down to tummy up (new!), and the power of complaining....

The superpowers I am working on right now are the powers to fight solid food.  I prefer the good old teta.   I continuously fight the different kind of solid food that attack me.  Check out the battle of yoghurt.  You can see a technique I recently developed: put your lips against the chair and there is no way the evil spoon can enter mouth!