Thursday, July 31, 2014

A T Shirt With History

Papa has this T Shirt that tells our story.  I mean, when we met, I did not know shit from shinola.  I was helpless.  Papa would do anything he wanted with me.  I, simply, subdued.  Look at us back then, me so naive, and Papa with his mischievous grin (although he looks tired too, as if he had not been sleeping well those days, oh well...)  As Sting would sing 

"I'll be, wrapped around your finger"

Time passed by and I started changing.  I would become more dominant, and at some point, Papa and I were head to head driving things around.  The difference is that I was going up, he was going down...  all without even changing his T shirt.

Now?  Well, the picture says everything.  The T shirt has not changed, the power?  Who's naive now?

Bringing Sting once more, that same song moves on to say

"When you find your servant, is your master
You'll be, wrapped around my finger"

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Perfect Birthday Party

The other day I was thinking,

What would the perfect birthday party have?  Here's what I came up with.  First, Anne and Papa need to be there, hugging me, and doing Kayra toasts...


Other people are important too.  I need Abla there, as close as possible.

And Idil...

And Abi, duh...

And hot guys...

One key element, of course, is a big ass, star shaped, super creamy cake!

But most important of all, OF ALL, a HUUUUUUGGEEEE family to celebrate it with!

 Thank you Celenks!  It was the best birthday party one can hope for!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hangin' Out with Two HOTTIES!!!

While in Istanbul I made some time apart for my 2 favourite, non family Turks: Doruk and Ege.  There is no question Doruk will be a TV star.  I liked to just sit and watch.

Ege's hotness comes from the fact that he is a real badass...  He rides motorbikes, and what's hotter than that?  A tattoo would help...  he'll get one, he told me.  We went out for a ride.  I am not that cool, so I took a car.

But Cutie McCutie did not quit on me.  He taught me how to ride a four runner!  Still not a bike, but closer.

Later at night, we invented this super cool game...  It's called Leggings...  Check the vid!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Long Live Bebekkkkk

Remember?  Time does not pass by for bebekkk

Look at her now, all grown up and in a pyjama party with us girls!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Superkay... laralaralay...

In Dikili, I was called to duty one more time.  It had been a while since I had to work so much, but this time, I was really needed.  It all started when  a mean warlock that tries to kidnap a magic baby.  It was too much for me, and knowing my limits, I called Abla for help.

Quickly and fearlessly, I jumped onto the mean warlock in a rescue attempt!

And it worked.  I could rescue the magic baby and get her back safe and sound.  I even calmed her down after her ordeal.

And Abla calmed her down too, the ordeal had been too much!

After a while she was OK.  I liked Abla's help so much, that I asked her to chat about a work opportunity.  So off we went.

Soon enough, we reached an agreement, and we celebrated it by hugging.

And dancing...

The job was to find a way to keep the mean warlock at bay.  We decided we would do that by building one of the tallest towers in the world.  We started off slowly, working together.

And soon enough, we were done!  One of the tallest towers one can ever imagine!

Now the magic baby is safe.  Message to the mean warlock:  DON'T MESS WITH SUPERKAY!

Friday, July 25, 2014


Just between you and me, I think Papa exaggerates when he speaks about airports.  He claims they are boring, and there is nothing to do.  I agree you have to wait for long long times, I have done it too...


And you need to be carrying heavy bags back and forth...

But it's not so bad.  They are usually plenty of cool games!  I love it when Anne joins me in those games, like in the super cool diner that you see below

But I like them even when she does not.  Actually, I told her, the Magic House is MY house, I said, E MIO!  And then Anne would not dare enter.

And then sometimes I just want to jump on the games with other people, like Abla.  Sorry Anne, nothing personal, I just need my space sometimes.

And grown-ups can also have fun.  I mean, there are places to eat that are OK.  It is a good opportunity to indulge into junk food...

Or you can enjoy the benefits of VIP lounges that offer comfortable seats and free food...

And then again, some other people, like Papa's friend Adam, use airports as an excuse to get drunk.  What the heck, I LIKED IT!

Finally, you always have a little extra time to walk around and just look.  Look at fishbowls

Or even signs of pretty cities

All in all, there is one thing Papa is definitively right about.  It's tiring as hell, so when you arrive...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Beach... Hawaii, Bombay...

When going to a beautiful beach like Dikili, who can stop thinking about Mecano's Hawaii, Bombay, son dos paraisos...  The beach is so great.  But it is also full of danger: the sun, the tides...  so I need to ready myself for all potential mishaps.  Cautiously, this is how I would go to the beach.

Once there, weather permitting, I would start working.  There is a lot to work on in the beach: those castles do not get built by themselves!  So  would get a comfy hat that allows me to move around, and get on with it!  (When possible, I wanted to avoid the dirty, dirty sand, so I would work on top of a mat, hardly touching the dirty, dirty sand...)

But, really, work is too much, and, as a good manager, I realize I cannot do all by myself.  So I would hire assistants, like Anneanne ...

And Abi and Abla...

These assistants would sometimes go the extra mile and help around with duties not directly related to them, like helping with the bathing of Bebe.  Honestly, this is a tiring task, and I was happy to have Abi helping.

But, again, as a good manager, I always acknowledge those that go the extra mile by paying them in kind... (well, there's some payment for me as well, hehe!)

But come on, not everything at the beach is work.  Let's be honest, it is also a great opportunity to show my curves...  I work all year round on my ass, so I like to show it when I can...

And then, when the working and body showing gets old, it is nice to chill out with all the family, like here, with Anne and Anneanne...

Or getting our feet wet with Papa...

As you can imagine, this is extremely tiring.  So guess what happens when we leave and go back home?