Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Stroll in the Park with Manu

The day before Manu left we went for a last stroll.  It was a beautiful day, so I got all geared up, very canchera.

We took very nice pics, and, don't get me wrong, the weather and the parents were great, but I could not take my eyes off that little bugger...

At the end we were more relaxed, and tired, to be honest.  Papa and Tute wanted to keep on taking pics...  oh well, why not?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Long Chat at the Viña

It was so nice to have Manu around!  We had so much to chat about!  We spent hours chatting when we went to the Viña!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Feliz Cumple Manu!!!!

Manu Weissman, my brother from another mother, turns 1 today!  I am so happy!  He came to visit the weekend before the last. He brought his parents Tute and Flor (I call her Cicek!).  

They did not just come because they felt like it...  They came because I called them.  Take a look...

When they arrived, I got so happy!  I thought they were coming for a month!

Unfortunately, they only came for three days, but they were incredible!  I taught Manu so many things... like how to play the piano...

Or how to drive...  we raced, and I kept winning.

Tute was also fun to have around.  We played a lot in my room.

And I read him and Manu a lot of my books.

I admit three days was way too little.  I did not want to let them go.  When the time to say goodbye came, I lost it a bit.  I thought I could manage it, but, oh well...  It started off fine.  I planned to give Manu a little kiss and say farewell until we go to Argentina.

But he looked sooooo cute that I had to hold him stronger.

But Papa managed to get him away from me...  for a while

This is what happened as soon as he turned around and stopped looking!

Anyways, today is his birthday and I wanted to send him all the love in the world!  Besos!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Papa´s Birthday Cake

I did not talk about Papa´s cake in the birthday post...  well, I was hesitant...  My superpowers are growing, and I was afraid to share, but, oh well, I owe myself to my fans.  As it turns out, Anne could not light the candles, they were too many!!!

So I decided to help with my ultra fire vision!!

And soon enough, pam!  Everything taken care of!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I had so much fun on Papa's birthday with Manu, Oli and Trini...  I want them to come again...  So cooooommmmmeeee!!!

Unfortunately, Manu Ortner is leaving us....  for POLAND no less, lucky bastard.  I will miss him.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Papa's Birthday

Sunday we had Papa's birthday.  I planned the whole thing out.  Andres came to cook a barbecue.  I did not care about the cooking itself, but I knew that Andres would bring Manu, and I wanted Manu around.  In fact, we played a lot with the kid.  First, in the ladder games...

Then we started this game where we had to run from one end of the wall to the next.  I won.

The usual girls, Oli and Trini, also came.  It was nice playing with them.  We played in the swings

And upstairs, with my toys.  Truth be told, I got a bit angry at Trini.  She was having fun wrong (yes, Sheldon...).

I ended up beat.  My head was spinning after all that excitement, and it was hard to control my body...

Papa was similar.  He has problems with alcohol, me with fun time.  The good thing, both problems are dealt with in a similar way...

Monday, September 1, 2014


To celebrate August 30, we went to the Ataturk square here in Santiago.  Anne, Papa, Bebek, and me.    I was very excited to see my old friend!

I was very happy to see him.  As soon as we met, I started saying hello!  I love the guy!  For some reason Papa thought Ataturk was not understanding me, so he asked me to insist on the greeting.

I wanted a closer look, so Anne helped.

Papa brought flowers, so we offered them to Ataturk.

Of course, as anyone would, he wanted to smell them.

He liked them, so me and Bebek looked for a nice place for them.

And we left them there.  Aren't they cute?