Monday, April 27, 2015

Super Lamb!

Last Saturday Oli and I got together to cook a lamb in Oli's place.  Oli did most of the cooking, but I was there to bring support and advice.  This is Hector, our subject:

We first put it on a cross, and then built a fire beneath.  We discussed largely with Oli on how to make it.  Whether to start by the ribcage, or the back.  And whether to turn it around at some point, or only cook one side.

We were happy with what we came up with:  we would do mostly the ribcage, and turn it around only at the end.

This is the final outcome:  Hector under the sun!

That is not all we did.  For instance, we played a game with Maxi, called Dancing and Drinking (he taught it to me).  It consists of me dancing, and he drinking beer!  It was fun.  We tried also to personalize things and get videos of me dancing alone, or he drinking alone.  Turns out we could do no video with me dancing alone!

After we finished the lamb, it was all fun and games, so we partied a bit with Oli and Noah, a mixture of British and Brazilian that has the largest blue eyes!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

There was also some leisure in Punta Cana...

OK folks, so whereas there was sport, there was also relax, and easy breezy time.  This is our beach, and our beach beds, where we would rest our tushies.

And this is us having a good time.

If we got too tired, well...

And when the day got too tired, well...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Swimming in Punta Cana

Contrary to what you guys might think, Punta Cana was not all fun and games.  I cannot afford so much time without exercise, my superpowers would diminish.  That is why I used my time in Punta Cana wisely, exercising as much as I could by diving and swimming.  While I am an awesome diver, I still need to work a bit on my swimming.  Although, as you can see, I am really good at sinking!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Yakoi Kusama

Turns out Papa and Anne are not very artistsy...  but I am.  So I asked them to come with me on Sunday to a Yakoi Kusama exhibition.  I loooooooved it!  To start, I was mesmerised with her paintings.  Are they great or what?

We then went to see her work with polka dots and lights...  Check it out for yourselves.  Can you recognize the glowing cow?

In the other light exhibition, the lights were hanging from the sky and changing colors!  You can see the change of colors, including pitch black, in these two panorama pics.

The lights were so awesome that they made people glow!  Like Anne!

But Papa got jealous so I immediately cooled things down by taking a picture with him.

I could not leave the place without leaving a little token of my own art.  So at the end I decided to get creative and perform a bit.  Sometimes alone...

Sometimes with Anne...

At the end, I was way too exhausted.  Luckily, I had hired a limo service to go back home.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Going to Punta Cana!

So with Papa and Anne we took a little break and went to Punta Cana.  It was...  simply spectacular!  We had such a relaxing time...  Papa and Anne were a bit scared about the plane ride.  I told them not to worry, that it would be nice.  And it was.  First, we took the initial hola pic.

Once they left me alone a bit, I started making use of the AWSOME entertainment system in the plane.  At first I did not even care what they played...  I was just thrilled with the command!

But then the command got old and I started looking at the screen...

And touching the screen...

Until I saw all there was to see.  Then I got to the good old fashioned Anne's phone.  Never gets old.

By the time we got there, I confess, I was super tired.  But I was not going to let that ruin the wonderful night that was coming.  I took a nap in my tiny bed...

And headed off to drinks with Anne!

What happened next I will not tell...  What happens in Punta Cana, stays in Punta Cana!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Cool Chicks!

Last Sunday I graduated from cool college!  Me and Oli.  We learnt how to skate!  First I tried it alone.

I thought it was way too cool for me not to share it!  So I asked Oli to hop on.  And she did!  So we tried it together.

It was not like I learnt super fast.  First you fall a couple of times.  See?

But eventually I got the hang of it and rocked!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A little bit sick

While I had a lot of fun this weekend, I also got a little bit sick.  Nothing that Anne and Papa cannot handle, but it sucks.  Anyways, we went to the hospital to see what was wrong.  And I had to lie in a hospital bed, suffering...

Monday, April 6, 2015

We Have Bugs at Home!

Our kitchen is full of these tiny butterflies, and we don't know how to get rid of them!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Saturday, April 4, 2015

I Miss My Anneanne...

I miss taking her out for walks with Papa...

Reading books to her

And massaging her...

See you soon Anneanne, I miss you!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Turns out the gym is not free!  Only the first class is.  Today I went back and, to my surprise, they asked for my membership fee!  I don't have one, or money to get it!  

But it is OK.  I will start working.  I got myself a gig as a babysitter, babysitting this cutie called Isi that lives one floor down in my building...  Is she cute or what?  

We chatted a lot.  She talks too much.  She said that she is fed up with grown ups not understanding what she says, thinking that there is no meaning to the words GAAAA and ICKKK.  But she and I know that this is not true.  So she was happy to find someone who would understand her.

Then we did some interactive stuff, working her motor skills.  I would give her a toy, and she would grab it.  I am such a good teacher!

I love to make her laugh also.  She has the nicest giggle.  So I made some clown like stuff...

I remember I loved to be rewarded as a kid, so, for her to call me again, I rewarded with some mimos at the end of our time together. 

See you soon Isi!