Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Last Weekend

Last weekend was nice.  We got to relax a bit after a period of craziness, where the Turkish grandparents were here, and Papa was gone.  We went to the park, and I tried the swings...  not a fan so far.

Then I found out that Anne is not going to be working in Chile, so I thought of an excellent business plan.  We are going to stop cars at the light and Anne will ask them for a coin!  But this is not as easy as it looks.  I need to get inside my character, which is that of a Gypsy baby.  So we started practicing.  What do you think?

Later, Sofia called, she wanted to show me her new tricks.  Can you believe that she learned how to clap????  I am so jealous...  She said she would teach me.

We started by playing nicely, minding our own business, gossiping, the usual Kay - Sofi time.

 But then Sofi noticed that both Papá and Matías (her Papá) were watching us, and listening to everything we were saying.  She took it lightly, but I was outraged.

So I looked very seriously at both of our Papás and told them that this cannot be, and that if this lack of privacy continued we would not invite them to our gatherings anymore.  We would only come with Anne and Irene (Sofía's Anne).  Sofía understood the gravity of the situation and joined me in putting a very serious face.

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