Friday, March 8, 2013

Learning to Drive

Dede and Anneanne came to visit this week.  We did plenty of stuff.  We hopped on a train that would go at 300 km/h, ate setas in Barcelona and played like crazy.  The only thing I will complain a bit is that Papa and Anne left me alone a couple of times more than they should have.  They went to the circus... (THE CIRCUS!!!  WITHOUT ME!!!) and to eat to some fancy shmancy...

Anyways, am getting off topic here.  The coolest thing in all of those things, is that Dede taught me how to drive!  First of all, they gave me this super duper car, which I love.  But look!  Dede taught me! I can drive now!  I need to practice some more and off to the streets!

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