Sunday, August 18, 2013

Am Back!

Let me apologize for being out for so long.  But you need to understand...  I had a long flight...  I was in Dikili one day, Istanbul the next, Madrid the following, New York after that, and finally Santiago.  This tired me like crazy!  It is 4 continents in 4 days!

Anyways, put yourself in my shoes.  One day I am resting at the beach, sunbathing...

The next, I am happily enjoying the sun in a swing

and immediately after that, the swing is not so sunny and pleasant anymore...

and the sun is a very scarce commodity...

But things are not too bad.  In fact, I enjoy Santiago.  I even enjoyed the marathonic plane ride here.  Not at first though.  The idea of traveling for so many hours frightened me, especially given the airline we were flying with...

But after a while, I really liked the plane.  By the time we got there, I did not want to get off the plane!

And then when we got here, I met fantastic people.  Starting with Olivia, a super cool chic that is a bit older than me, and promised me she would teach me stuff and show me around.

And Maxi, her Papá, a very good friend of my Papá.  But I still don´t get him too much...  LOOOOVES his phone!

Jose, her mom, is very nice too.  But I don´s have any picture with her yet.  And I don´t have a picture with Manuel, a handsome, super hot dude a couple of months older than me.  And Andrés, his Papá, Tati, his mom, and Juanpe and his family.

Anyways folks, sorry for the long wait.  Now SuperKay is BACK!

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  1. We miss you all!!

    Flía Silva Ortiz