Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Starting my Toddlerhood

Toddlerhood is the age between 1 and 3.  So I am officially no longer a baby.  I am a toddler, far from those days that I could pull it off without saying a word: Papá and Anne were at my feet no matter what!

Anyways, to celebrate this right of passage, grown ups like to do what they call a "birthday party".  And this is the summary of mine.

We called a bunch of people to join.  The ones that came, mostly Ekes.  And one too crazy to forget.  Can you tell who?


After everyone sits down nicely at the table, they stand up and there is no tidiness left.  Chaos takes over.  Pretty soon, a select group surrounded me, shielding me from incoming kisses and cheek pinching.


But it was all a trap.  The kisses came from the select group directly!  TREASON!!!


And then the weirdest thing of all night...  People get together and start singing along.  And putting up fires.  And screaming and chanting.  Is this a sect and I never figured it out? These people have my attention.  I will be more careful from now on.

But, I must admit, this is all worth it.  HOW COME?  You might ask...  well, THE PRESENTS!!!  THEY GIVE YOU PRESENTS!!!! TOYS!!!  do you hear?  TOOOOYYYYSSSS!!!!


So that's all folks.  No more SuperKay baby.  A full toddler now.


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