Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trip to Argentina!

Last week we went to Argentina.  It was very nice to see Dede and Tio Billy.  Plus, we got to hang out all together, even Anneanne, for a week, it was super cool!

Here is me at the airport in Santiago, saying bye bye to this city for the following six days.

And here I am in the plane, already flying.  I got a seat for my own, I am not an infant anymore, duh...

When we landed in Argentina, I decided that I would not move a muscle.  PROPER HOLIDAYS god damn it!  That means, lots of relax.  See, I loved to chill out on the hamaca paraguaya.

I also played with Pupe.  The little bugger.  He is smaller than me!  I was toying with him so nicely!  It is essentially a stuffed dog that moves on its own, kind of like my iDog...

To see Dede and Tio Billy, I got really pretty, with a super chic hair style.  They deserve it, they are VIPs!

But they didn't play fair!  They attacked me!  I am not getting all chicked up for these animals again!

To make up for the attack, Tio Billy let me ride a coco.  Like with Papa.  But the tio is taller, so it is more fun.

Besides, since he was feeling guilty for attacking me, I abused of his guilt and played with his head with anything I could find around!

We also went to Papa's favorite restaurant in Argentina, Pepino.  

I really relaxed eating fries and lomitos.  Try it, they are great!

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.  So we came back.  Fortunately, we brought Anneanne with us.  Here we are playing that I am a plane inside a plane!  Ha!

There are more stuff to talk about from Argentina, so stay posted!

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