Friday, October 18, 2013

The Cutest Cousin One Can Ask For!!!

I want to introduce...  SuperNaia!  This is my cousin, Naia.  I don't know yet if she is going to assume a superhero identity like me, so the Super might not apply.  But still, she is this beautiful tiny bug with a smile that lights candles.  I have not me her yet.  But Papá said that he is going to invite her mom to  Chile and we will meet then!  Or Buenos Aires, but something.  I need to teach her stuff...


  1. Hola! Soy SúperNaia, y por ahora solo hablo español. Pero como mi súper poder es charlar hasta por los codos, ya aprenderé ingles. A quien habré salido? ;)
    Que ganas de conocer a la primi

  2. No No No… SuperNaia, forget about talking, the less you talk, the more people work for you! What you really need to focus on is walking. Believe me, I know. This drives parents crazy!