Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Don't Stop the Paaaaaaarte!

Lately, I have had a rhythm that does not let me stop for one second to take a breather.  During the week, I have to go to school to teach other kids and teachers basic stuff, like how to carry me around and how to feed me.  Here’s me teaching one or two things to Paula, the tia next to me.

One would think that I would be allowed to rest on the weekend, after such a hard week, but no!  On the weekend, I am required at parties and events.  This is the party of Diego, who just turned 2.  He’s so grown up!  He even has a moustache!

Anyways, we ate cake, well, not me, I am on a diet, but the rest.  I drink tea.  The table and all was super nice! 

Mr. Cutie Pie Manu Ortner noticed an empty chair next to me and immediately flew to it!  This kid is adding points fast!  Maybe when we are 40 I will date him.

At the end, to make matters worse, I had one of my SuperKay adventures.  I had to go to Istanbul to rescue Dogan Dayi, I don’t want to get into details, but I hopped into my horse and went.  Here’s me hopping into the horse.

And here’s his nose!


  1. The Beautiful Party Girl!!!
    Would you also consider rescuing me please?? Doruk and I are waiting for you super hero!


    1. Me rescuing Doiuk? I'd be honored! I will fit him into my schedule.

  2. the nose played an important role in the rescue, too. so it is nice of you that you did not forget to point it out.

    literally… :D