Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Travelling with DeDe and Tio Tacho

Dede and Tio Tacho came to visit!  I admit they have kept me a bit busy, so I have had no time to blog.  But here's something.  We have done many things, but they have not shared many pics yet, so hold on to your hats, because more is coming soon. 

As soon as they came, Dede and I posed for the initial pic.  Dede still thinks he is the Al Pacino alter ego…

Anyways, I toured them around a bit.  To the important places in Santiago.  Here I am showing Dede Easy.

We then went to Pomaire.  Really, I don't know how to make that place seem interesting, except for the company.  Don't go there, unless Dede and Tacho are around!  The highlight was a restaurant (not its food though!)  I know we are hip people to start with, but in Pomaire we got upgraded to celebrities!  Angelina Jolie could have entered the place with Brad Pitt and they would have had the same welcome we did!  That is, if there had been people around, they would have asked us for autographs!  Don't believe me?  Check us out!

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