Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Our Last Trip to the Beach

I told you last weekend we went to Viña del Mar.  I want to talk a bit more about it because... I was so excited!

The trip gave me time to relax, and think about all the things I rushed through during the week.  It was nice to just sit and think.

And then, I thought some more.

Then I walked a little, but could not stop thinking...

And then the thinking stopped.  Anne came by and we took a nice picture, as besties!

After all that thinking, I wanted to walk.  So I went with Papa.  We walked on the streets of Valparaiso...

And then on the beach in Viña.

When we got tired, we stopped for some hug time and mimation...

And guess who got jealous?

Eventually, we had to come back.  I kept on thinking all the ride back...

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