Sunday, March 30, 2014

Berthold's visit

We had Berthold for a week...  Apparently he helped my dad somehow, he explained, but I was not interested.  The point is, super cool guy!  We invited him home for dinner as soon as he got here.  Immediately I showed him the good stuff in Chile: PEPEE!

As it turns out, he is a comfortable guy.  Well, at least for me.  Check me lying down on top of him!

We then went to a wineyard.  It was a very nice day, and we enjoyed a lot.  See?

Finally, I could not let Berthold go without seeing the seaside here in Chile.  So we went to Valparaiso.  We first went to a cerro to eat and see the view.  Do you like the view?

Then we went to the beach, to Viña del Mar.  Berthold was very RED!  But he seemed to like the beach.  Here's a pic where I am with Anne, next to Berthold.

But...  have you seen Berthold?  Who would not like to climb onto that red mountain?  I could not help myself and...  there I went!

Bye bye Berthold.  Thanks for visiting.  Hope to see you back soon.

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