Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Papa's Birthday

Sunday we had Papa's birthday.  I planned the whole thing out.  Andres came to cook a barbecue.  I did not care about the cooking itself, but I knew that Andres would bring Manu, and I wanted Manu around.  In fact, we played a lot with the kid.  First, in the ladder games...

Then we started this game where we had to run from one end of the wall to the next.  I won.

The usual girls, Oli and Trini, also came.  It was nice playing with them.  We played in the swings

And upstairs, with my toys.  Truth be told, I got a bit angry at Trini.  She was having fun wrong (yes, Sheldon...).

I ended up beat.  My head was spinning after all that excitement, and it was hard to control my body...

Papa was similar.  He has problems with alcohol, me with fun time.  The good thing, both problems are dealt with in a similar way...

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