Monday, September 22, 2014

Feliz Cumple Manu!!!!

Manu Weissman, my brother from another mother, turns 1 today!  I am so happy!  He came to visit the weekend before the last. He brought his parents Tute and Flor (I call her Cicek!).  

They did not just come because they felt like it...  They came because I called them.  Take a look...

When they arrived, I got so happy!  I thought they were coming for a month!

Unfortunately, they only came for three days, but they were incredible!  I taught Manu so many things... like how to play the piano...

Or how to drive...  we raced, and I kept winning.

Tute was also fun to have around.  We played a lot in my room.

And I read him and Manu a lot of my books.

I admit three days was way too little.  I did not want to let them go.  When the time to say goodbye came, I lost it a bit.  I thought I could manage it, but, oh well...  It started off fine.  I planned to give Manu a little kiss and say farewell until we go to Argentina.

But he looked sooooo cute that I had to hold him stronger.

But Papa managed to get him away from me...  for a while

This is what happened as soon as he turned around and stopped looking!

Anyways, today is his birthday and I wanted to send him all the love in the world!  Besos!!!!

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