Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tío Tacho and Tía Elena

Last week, the tíos came to visit.  We had a great time together.  Tío Tacho is close to my age, so he fought with me a lot, but all in a very playful way.  I admit I liked it.

The first night, Billy was also in Madrid, so we did a pic for Abuelo.  Hola Abuelo!!!

We went together to Segovia.  It was a beautiful day.

The grown ups and Tacho ate cochinillo.  Dont know why, but they thought I had some resemblance with the cochinillo, so they kept hiding me from the cook.  What do you think?

Back in Madrid, we showed them one of Anne's Madrilean favorites: Starbucks!  Tacho and I enjoyed it plenty!

We also took the most famosest pic in Madrid.  Can you spot the two bears?

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