Sunday, June 2, 2013

Anais... that little cutie

Last Saturday Anais came over.  She is about 4 months old now, such a cutie...  Check her out.  I have so much to teach her.  Here I am teaching her how to take her socks off...  unfortunately, I failed.  I don´t know if it was the type of sock or that she just did not let me.

Here I am just playing cool.  I was dying to play with her, but she is a baby, so I have to keep up with appearances and play the cool, grown up girl.  Anne and her Papá did not seem to care much, but look at how Anais was falling for my trick!

I also had to interact a bit with her parents, mainly so that they bring her over again.  But I have to say, her father is a weird dude.  So weird, I felt compelled to study him, as you can see next.

With her Anne...  well, judge by the pic... we had our altercations.

Anais was not the only one to show up.  My tía Noelia and tío Javi came.  With Noelia I am super familiar by now.  She tells me all the latest gossip in Spain, which my Anne and Papá know nothing about.  

And tío Javi changed a lot!  This time he was grabbing me, playing, doing faces...  super fun!  I HAD to study such a fun dude!

Finally, a new guy showed up.  Agustín.  He was nice, I also spent a long time with him.  Another argie...

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