Wednesday, September 11, 2013


One of my FAAAAAVOOORITTTTE parts of the day is at night when Papá and I take a bath.  I love it.  I have my ducks, and my bottles of soap and shampoo.  And best of all, I know after that comes a big meal!

Doesn´t it look great?  I mean, look at those bubbles!  And you can see yellowie showing its head timidly.

Although Papá sometimes complains, I like to eat those bubbles, and pretend I have a beard!

Some other times, I prefer no bubbles.  And then I can dig my head in and Andy Garcia myself up.  You see light bluey now.

And then I like to tease Papá, so I take my tongue out and say lero leroooo!

But he takes HIS tongue out too!  And his tongue is HUUUUGEEEE!  I was shocked to see how much he can tease me with a bigger tongue!

This meant I cannot win the teasing competition: the bigger tongue always wins.  So I got angry and demanded... DEMANDED! that he puts his tongue back in.

And Papá knows what´s good for him, so, tongue back inside.  And happily, I can keep playing with light bluey, and well, lero lering a bit too, he!

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