Saturday, September 21, 2013

Taking Life More Seriously

I told you guys, I am not a baby anymore.  And the superhero career is not going to support me.  So I decided to start exploring my options.  I want to be a sports professional.  All I need to choose is which sport I like.  I started training for several at the same time, and then I will see what I stick with.

One option is to be the next Usain Bolt.  Here´s what I have so far.

Horsebackriding is another option.  It is not that popular, but I can MAKE it popular.

Yoga instructor is another option.  I am quite good at it.

Astronaut?  Already trying the low gravity with the proper suit... Armstrong went to the moon, Rubini will go to Mars!

Motorboating?  A bit dangerous, but I do not want to cut my wings at this stage.  We need a new Daniel Scioli, one with both arms and no politics!

I already can go quite fast!

Maybe Circus acrobat.  They usually do not make much money, but if I become really good, I might make it to Cirque du Soleil, and these guys get to travel everywhere!

The next Fangio maybe?

A future Lance Armstrong?  I promise not to disappoint my fans by getting my titles removed!

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