Thursday, May 29, 2014

Airport Chaos!

When we were coming back from Brazil, a big confusion broke lose because they would not let us into the plane.  A bunch of kids (me included) decided to take matters into our own hands and...  all hell broke lose!  There were kids running around everywhere!  Big, small, girls, boys, you name it!  Needless to say, the LAN people realized the danger ahead and opened the doors...

We organized the move with this kid, about my age.  We planned things carefully and thoroughly...

Slowly, we each got in position to strike

And suddenly...  ZAS!  We called in help from all flanks, move everything around, stirred, jumped, ran, crawled....  CHAAAAOOOOOSSSSS

The grown-ups had to jump in, but only when they opened the doors.  It was hard to calm us down.  Only Anne could do it!

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