Monday, May 5, 2014

Argentina! Lotta fun.

Recently we made a trip to Argentina.  I saw Dede, but decided to call him Ayı.  What can you do, the tongue wants what the tongue wants.  He's doing good.  Anyways, we started as usual, on a plane.

 Everything nice, peaceful...  for the first five minutes.  But hey dude, I am on a plane!  The last things I want to do is fall asleep on Anne's lap!  I want to jump around!


Anne, however, was not a fan of me jumping around.  I would not sleep, she would not let me jump around, so we met halfways.  I got to redecorate the plane!  Look!  Who would not absolutely LOOOVEE what I did?

The interesting part happened on Saturday.   Papa invited a lot of friends over for a barbeque.  I did not eat much meat, but the friends were amazing.  I mean, who cares about the grown ups, but there were a bunch of kids that made everything super cool! 

Everything was very hip, everybody minded their own business.  Look, no order at all, everyone spread around!  Harika!

What's so great about it, you might ask?  Well, the answer is...  AIMEE!  Yep, that hot brunette eating icecream next to me.  I love her, she was so much fun!  I want to see more of her!  Papa, Anne, Edu, Nati, pay attention!

I also enjoyed my padrino Matias a lot.  We went for walks and chatted.  I told him about all the presents he needs to buy me.  And he said he will buy them all!

But then he gave two presents!  The best one is Manu, his son, the most gorgeousest baby around!  Yeah, he is mine to play with whenever and however I want (I already bit his cheek, ha!)

He also gave me a super cool toy, sort of a tunnel.  The other kids played a lot with it that day.  I let them because I took it home and can (and do) play with it a lot.  But somehow I think they did not get it very well.  

To round things up, some grown ups wanted a group pic.  But, hey, I was the star, so needed to be there.  But did not want to be the only kid, so I asked Juan and the jarron to join.

Thanks everybody.  Had a fantastic time!

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