Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bora's Birthday!

Remember Bora?  The guy who is so grown up?  Well, duh, he turned 5 last week!  FIVE!!!  OMG!!!!!!  Anyways, we celebrated big time.  First, some sports...  I learned how to play golf!  Check it out!

Next, some goodies...  a really nice cake, made of pirates with a side of pirates!

Some of those pirates were really talented!  They formed a band that played live right in front of us!

See?  Live!

Goksel is Bora's dad.  He knows how to lift me...

We also ran around, played catch me, and other stuff...

Alp pirate was really putting on a show!

When things were over, we headed to Bora's place for a nice Turkish only gathering (Papa counts as a Turk).  We were very hungry, and eagerly awaiting for some food!

I met a new dad, that I liked a lot.  Erdem.  He played a lot with us kids.  

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