Friday, September 11, 2015

Missing Santiago...

It has been a very long time since I last wrote a post.  The truth is that I have been having some mixed feelings, and I am still not sure what those feelings are.  We left Chile.  Papa and Anne are happy, but I liked Chile.  I liked my friends, and I liked to talk in Spanish.  We came to America, where people speak in English, and English is hard.  In between, we went to Turkey, and there people speak in Turkish, and that is easy.  But English...

In any case.  I first wanted to talk about all the things I will miss.  There are many many.  Start with the obvious: the school!  Yes, I will miss that most of all.  Why?

Because Antonio and Martina were there, first.  These are my pals!  My trouble companions!  I love them!

See how happy we were?

And, of course, Abril!  

And Cindy and Jesu, the teachers!  What wonderful teachers I had!  And everyone, everyone everyone.

Anne and Papa say I should not worry, I will find new friends in my new school in no time!  Suppose that were true...  What about the friends that were NOT from school?  Like OLI!!!!  OLI!!!!  I miss youuuuuu!!!

And I will also miss Oli's parents, Maxi and Jose.  Anne and Papa already say they miss them a lot!  See how comfy we were all together?

There was also Valentina!  Although her grandparents live close to where I live now, so I will see her soon, when she comes and visits!  I am already excited about it!

And Fernanda also...  I would take care of her when she was sick...

I really liked her!

But there are nice things here too.  I am just too melancholic right now.  My school is great, because it has these amazing toys and swings and slides and books and chairs and...  The problem is no one knows Spanish or Turkish, so I am starting to learn English...  Hopefully, I will learn it fast.

And Papa and Anne are happy.  And Anneanne is here, although she will go back to Turkey soon.  Anyways, just melancholic.

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