Friday, May 31, 2013

My Profession

I don't think I ever posted on this blog about my future profession.  Some hocus pocus we once did in Turkey revealed I will be a musician when I grow up (sorry Papá, no penguins...).  Being a musician sucks.  Either you are extremely good at it, in which case you become rich, or you live poor forever.  I want to be rich.  So I decided to start.

Now, I do have musician genes that come from my Great grandfather (excellent piano and acordeon player) and my Great Great Grandmother (Opera singer), both from Papá's side.  However, Anne does not have such blood.  And you can see it in the video.  All Anne wants to do is make the xylofon sound...  No Anne, you first learn the theory, then practice.  Notice how I am getting acquainted with the instrument BEFORE I start playing.  This takes a while, but after I feel that I have a basic understanding of the theory, I can play one small note.

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