Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DeDe RuBiNi CaMe To ViSiT!

It made me so happy I decided to crazy up the title of the post!  It was very nice.  When he came, we wanted to study each other for a while, so for what seemed like an hour, we just stared at each other...

After that first hour, we started playing...  I showed him all my dogs!

The other people started getting jealous, Papa, Anne, and Anneanne.  Dede was too polite...  I was not, and told them to GEEETT  OUTTTTT!!

But they would not leave us alone.  So we moved to a park.  And spoke about serious stuff.  See how serious our faces are?

It was nice and refreshing.

We made a little road trip, to a place called Quintay.  The grown ups thought the food was great.  My bread was OK, only OK.  But the place was very nice.  Here's a triple generation of Rubinis pic!

And here's the instant after the pic!

And, of course, Anne got jealous.  So here she is.  Cute pic, isn't it?

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.  And so did Dede's visit.  Even at the airport, we played like kids.  I inspected his eye, his mouth, and then compared with my eye.  I concluded he is just fine...


Anyways, I loved the visit.  I love Dede.  MY DEDE!!!!

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