Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sunday at a Viñedo

Last Sunday was AWESOME!  We went to a wineyard close to home.  Appparently the wine was excellent: I saw Papá finishing a whole glass of wine, and, what is more impressive, Maxi ordered wine and gave beer a rest for a day!  Although I saw him putting a face of disgust after each zip, but don't tell!

Anyways, we don't really care about wine.  The place was beautiful, and there were a lot of kids, who, of course, brought their parents.  I only knew some of them, including Olivia, but soon made friends with the rest.  They are lovely people.  Look at us!

That picture was especially hard to take.  The grownups don't really know how to pose, and they take a long time to get ready.  Look at one prior trial.  There was no way Juan Pedro would not move when taking the picture.  In the end, we had to leave him out of it.

We enjoyed being out a lot.  The day was super nice, and Oli was kind enough to share her Papá

Then she taught me how to make angels on the floor.  I listened and learned.  One day, I will do my own.

I got to hang out with this super cute boy, Manuel, that I had met some time ago.  He was super cool, and even had a motorbike!  HOT!  So I made my move...

And got him to be close enough to him...

But in the end, it turns out he was taken...

Mamma's boy!  Anyways, lovely day out.  And best of all, I got to play with the other kids' toys!

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