Monday, April 20, 2015

Yakoi Kusama

Turns out Papa and Anne are not very artistsy...  but I am.  So I asked them to come with me on Sunday to a Yakoi Kusama exhibition.  I loooooooved it!  To start, I was mesmerised with her paintings.  Are they great or what?

We then went to see her work with polka dots and lights...  Check it out for yourselves.  Can you recognize the glowing cow?

In the other light exhibition, the lights were hanging from the sky and changing colors!  You can see the change of colors, including pitch black, in these two panorama pics.

The lights were so awesome that they made people glow!  Like Anne!

But Papa got jealous so I immediately cooled things down by taking a picture with him.

I could not leave the place without leaving a little token of my own art.  So at the end I decided to get creative and perform a bit.  Sometimes alone...

Sometimes with Anne...

At the end, I was way too exhausted.  Luckily, I had hired a limo service to go back home.

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