Monday, April 27, 2015

Super Lamb!

Last Saturday Oli and I got together to cook a lamb in Oli's place.  Oli did most of the cooking, but I was there to bring support and advice.  This is Hector, our subject:

We first put it on a cross, and then built a fire beneath.  We discussed largely with Oli on how to make it.  Whether to start by the ribcage, or the back.  And whether to turn it around at some point, or only cook one side.

We were happy with what we came up with:  we would do mostly the ribcage, and turn it around only at the end.

This is the final outcome:  Hector under the sun!

That is not all we did.  For instance, we played a game with Maxi, called Dancing and Drinking (he taught it to me).  It consists of me dancing, and he drinking beer!  It was fun.  We tried also to personalize things and get videos of me dancing alone, or he drinking alone.  Turns out we could do no video with me dancing alone!

After we finished the lamb, it was all fun and games, so we partied a bit with Oli and Noah, a mixture of British and Brazilian that has the largest blue eyes!

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