Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Turns out the gym is not free!  Only the first class is.  Today I went back and, to my surprise, they asked for my membership fee!  I don't have one, or money to get it!  

But it is OK.  I will start working.  I got myself a gig as a babysitter, babysitting this cutie called Isi that lives one floor down in my building...  Is she cute or what?  

We chatted a lot.  She talks too much.  She said that she is fed up with grown ups not understanding what she says, thinking that there is no meaning to the words GAAAA and ICKKK.  But she and I know that this is not true.  So she was happy to find someone who would understand her.

Then we did some interactive stuff, working her motor skills.  I would give her a toy, and she would grab it.  I am such a good teacher!

I love to make her laugh also.  She has the nicest giggle.  So I made some clown like stuff...

I remember I loved to be rewarded as a kid, so, for her to call me again, I rewarded with some mimos at the end of our time together. 

See you soon Isi!

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