Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Nerdy Conversation with Anne

K: Am telling you, if we estimate that probability using maximum likelihood, our estimator will be biased, and, moreover, inconsistent.

A: Well then what do you propose?

K: We should think more about it, but my impression is that we have to go non parametric, or maybe use a Generalized Method of Moments ...  yes, that should work.



  1. Hey Kay, you seem to be very aggressive when it comes to statistics in the video... :D

  2. You see, dear dayi, statistics is an aggressive profession. If i dont communicate like this, i dont get through... Your sister is quite tough headed!

  3. B, mektubumu aldin mi? turk postasi nasil calisiyor hicbir fikrim yok... ama epey oldu gondereli.

    Kayra kuzusu inanilmaz buyumus, ve evet bence anne diyor... :)))

    1. Aldim aldim, cevabimi gondermemis miyim yoksa? Okulda posta kutusuna attim diye hatirliyorum! Bu unutkkanlik halleri :(((

  4. Please, no posting in tongues. I may have to delete these comments just because I cannot understand whether you are infringing major laws that will send me to jail. Just write in plain English, for crying out loud!

  5. alas, don't worry superkay. I was just asking your mommy if she got my letter. :)))

  6. Well, OK. As long as it is in English. You are forgiven.