Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Tribute to Zoolander

Zoolander is a classic.  Right there with Scarface, Godfather, and Never Say Never.  It is deep, insightful, and gives you plenty to think about.  Kind of like The Wall, the more you see it, the more you understand it.  And, as anyone would, I was inspired by it.  So I decided to start practicing on some of my posture faces, those that, maybe one day, will inspire other people.  Just like Derek Zoolander inspired me.

Here is a sample of some of the moves I have been working on.  While I am not accepting job offers, if you feel that you MUST hire me for some modelling job, leave me a comment!

Looking at the horizon.  Perfect picture for selling binoculars.  Suggested slogan: if you are interested in the horizon, with these it will be as if you are there!

Surprise Surprise!  Ideal for commercials teaching parents how to tell kids that Santa Claus does not really exist.  This is how surprised they would be by the news.

Stop bothering, I am busy!  Perfect for campaigns telling parents to lay off for at least a few minutes!  Please people, get a life!

Arguing and making my point.  I see this as the ideal face for political campaigns.  It says: this politician will argue to the very end, and will eventually get what you voted him for!

 Party rocker.  Should I say more?

IIIAAACKKK!  Food commercials (other than teta, of course).

OOOPS!  This one I am still working on.  This is just a draft.  The idea is to use it for some kind of mistake, as in Brittney's oops, I did it again.

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