Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stand Up Procedure

I wanted to share with you something very crucial to any baby: how to stand up.  This is an instructional video that everyone that has not mastered the standing up procedure must watch.  It is in baby language, so let me translate for all of you non babies out there.  Here it goes.

Kay: "Anne (mum), ask me to stand up so I can explain to my fans the entire sequence"

Anne: "Kayra, my beauty, please stand up"

K: "Step 1.  Grab on with both hands to the wooden bars.  Step 2. Bite the middle bar a little, to make sure it does not taste like food.  If it does, spit it out right away, just like you would do with anything but breastmilk.  Step 3.  Grab on to the top, transversal, wooden bar.  I will repeat this a couple of times to make it clear.  Step 4.  Stand.  When you are standing, take the opportunity to look outside.  It feels great, like seeing everything from above."

A: "Kayrita, preciosa, have you finished explaining?  Did I do a good job filming?"

K: "Anne, really?  I am in the middle of an important explanation and you interrupt like this?  I cannot believe this..."

A: "kikikikikikikikikikikiki.  ktktktktktktktktktktk"

K: "he, my Anne is cool!"

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