Thursday, February 21, 2013

Telling Papa about my Findings

K: Am super excited!

P: About what?

K: About the findings I just got from my model.  It's really cool!  This is about this paper on the traveling path of sea lions going from San Francisco to Vina del Mar!!!  I developed a model of the easiest way to go there, parameterized it, and then run 100,000 Monte Carlo simulations!!!

P: And did you get in the model the results in the data?

K: NO!  Not at all!  But I then changed one of the assumptions in the model, and, you see, I assumed the sea lions were lazy, that they wanted to swim as little as possible!

P: That seems like the natural assumption.

K: YEAH, IT DOES!  But it turns out that it is wrong!  You see, I then noticed that in the data they stop for a couple of weeks in Galapagos islands, and here they sing a lot!  So I did some research, and turns out sea lions are super!  So I changed an assumption in the model and...

A: What are you doing?

K: ANNE!!! DONT interrupt!!!  Where was I?  Yes, the change in assumption....  SMMMAAACKKK!!!  ANNE!!!!!!  QUIT IT!!!! SSSSMACKKKK!!!!  I was saying, I changed the assumption, noticing that when they go to Galapagos islands.  There, the sea lions were thought to sing...  BUT NO!  THEY SCREAM, they dont sing.  You see, like this... IIIIIIIIIIII.  IIIIIIIII.

P: NO More scream?

K: Papa!  I'm serious!

P: One more scream, big one!

K: well, turns out that I reformulated my model to include the screaming.  I have not tested it yet.

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  1. Felicitaciones!!!!!!! esta lindísima!!!!!!
    Besos para Burcu y a Kayra, abrazo grande Lorenzo!!!!