Monday, May 6, 2013

Las cruces de mayo

So, we went to Cordoba last puente.  Papá, Anne, and Anneanne.  It was a lot of fun, especially because there was a special festival, called las cruces de mayo.  It basically consists of people setting up a cross covered in flowers (beautiful, around 41 across the city), and, duh, a bar next to it, selling beer and wine.  Here's Anneanne in front of one of those crosses.

And what goes next to beer and wine in Spain?  Dancing!  And if you are in Andalucía what do you dance to?  Sevillanas and Gitanas!  And unfortunately, Papá and Anne are too non Spaniard to know how to dance these things.  But well, we found one of those gatherings where, maybe by mistake, they played an Argentine song...  and we danced with Papá!  Check it out!

I know it looks as if I am scared of dying...  But Papá swears I was having fun...

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