Friday, May 24, 2013

Last Weekend with Tio Billy and Tia Giulia

Hey!  Finally I met zia Giulia!  She's sooooooo  cooooooollllllll!!!!  I had a great time with both of them.

First they invited us to a nice restaurant, on Saturday, where we ate great stuff...  Well, I ate great stuff (bread), they just ate fish...  This is one of the things they ordered: Rape...  Pretty disgusting, no?

At some point, Papá noticed that tio Billy was eating too much, so he asked me to distract me.  I WANTED to distract him, so I went along.  Here is a pic of me distracting him.

The next day we went to Pedraza...  A nice little town not too far away.  They ate some lamb...  if you ask me, a lot...

But if you ask them, not enough...

I was in shock!!!!

When we went back home, we thought it was time to have some girl talk, so we kicked the guys out and chitchatted about the new Jen Anniston movie...  we decided it will suck!

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