Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Touristic Places in Córdoba

We really liked Córdoba.  So I wanted to show you some of the touristic places that I learned about.  Pay attention.

This is the Puerta del Puente.  Very nice.  Me, Papá and Anneanne.

More Puerta del Puente.  Changed Anne for Papá.

The next ones are me with other people in the patio outside the Mosque.

The next one is inside the Mosque.

This is the door of the place where we stayed.  I chose the place.  Nice, right?

This is the Puente Romano.  The top part is quite new, but the bottom one is old, from those Roman folks.

The next batch is outside the Alcazar.  We did not go in, so no pics inside, sorry...

Hope you like Córdoba.  I thought it was beatiful!

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