Sunday, May 26, 2013

Party at Sofía´s

On Sunday we all went to have lunch at Sofi´s place.  Sofía showed up a bit late...  She's Spaniard, what can you expect?  Anyways, a bunch of us were there: Tomás, Inés, Sofía, and me.  And some grown-ups too.

We started off playing with Inés and Tomás...  I enjoy playing with them, because, well, isn't it obvious?  Tomás is soooooo  handsome and Inés presents no threat... She is his sister!

Just check out how handsome this boy is...

After a while, Sofía showed up.  I love seeing her, I was very happy to play with her.  It had been a while since we last played.  Inés was teaching us both nice games.

The problem with Sofía is that she is NOT Tomás' sister...  And, unfortunately, realizes how hot he is... So there was some friendly competition.

We then went to the park where we used the swings a lot.  At first I was swinging together with Anne...  I really wanted to hang out with new people, but she cannot let go very easily, so I indulged her at first.

But then I thought of a nice trick...  I would ask Sofi to hop onto Anne and I asked Barbie to swing me a bit.  It was soooo fun...

After Barbie, I went on top of Ire, while Sofi stayed with Anne.

And then I went with the Spanish Zoolander...  Check it out!  He was so funny I could not stop laughing!  (they call him el huevo...  I wonder why...)

And then something cool happened...  Both Inés and the hottie wanted to go to the swing with their mum...  ha!  Cool, right?

In all, we had a fantastic time.  Apparently, the lamb the grown ups had was quite good, that Irene prepared.  But who would eat lamb when there is teta?  who? who? who?

At the end we wanted to take a group picture...  but we kids needed some grownups to hold us.  We couldn´t decide who, so all of them made it to the picture.

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