Friday, July 5, 2013

Abi Ege

I met Ege about six months ago, when I was still a baby.  I admired him a lot, he was playful, and, most importantly, could move easily from one place to the next without anyone's help!  Now I can do that too, he!  We went to see him yesterday, with Anne and Papá.  It was a lot of fun.  I did not envy his ability to move this time, but how well he can use his toys!

Here I am with Sebnem teyze and Ege Abi. Teyze was holding me back...  I wanted Ege's toy soooo bad!

Fortunately, Anne came to the rescue. She held Ege away from the toy.  He is a hard guy to hold, Anne had to battle like crazy.  In the picture you can see the strength and me making a move towards the toy.

We then played for a while.  Ege has a Kopus, like me!  I miss mine a lot, since he is in a box somewhere.  I played with Ege's though.

At some point, things got slightly out of hands.  Ege and I wanted both the same toy.  And I will not let him push me over just because he is a boy or because he is older!  I have my weapons too!

But, like good friends, we made up (I think Ege was afraid I would beat him up).

We had a great time.  Kisses to teyze and abi!!!!!

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