Thursday, July 18, 2013


Well, it has been one year.  And this is a brief, straightly physical, very incomplete summary.  It is incomplete mainly because there are some pictures that were taken and are missing, but since we are in a process of moving, I cannot find them.  If I find them, I promise to update this as soon as I can.  But I NEEDED this post to be done for my birthday!

We just came from the hospital.  I was not even aware I was at home, when I met that beautiful beast, Popo, and I immediately wanted a portrait with him.  I was 4 days old.

4 days old - First day at home

When I was 2 weeks old, I got my next pic.  And I decided to make it a regular event.  So you can tell me whether I have grown.

Two Week Old Kayra
3 weeks old

Three Week Old Kayra

4 weeks old

4 weeks old

5 weeks old

5 week + 1 day old Kayra

6 weeks old

6 week old Kayra

Here´s the gap.  You see, we went to the US for three months, so I could not take pictures for a while.  Still, I am sure we must have taken some before the trip and after my sixth week.  I just cannot find them.  This is right after coming back from the US, on January 9, 2013.  I was about to become 6 months old.

8 months old.  So yes, I believe there is a second gap here.

8 months old.

9 months old.  This is the very last we took.  Popo left for Chile right after this, so we could not continue.  But we will.


  1. Kayra, yes canim, you grew a lot! We are very lucky to have you! We will take more photos with polo! Soon enough, you will be carrying popo in your arms!

  2. Happy birthday Kayraaaa
    I wish I would be there with you..
    Don't forget to taste your birthday cake!!!