Saturday, July 6, 2013

Defne Abla Came to Visit!!!

She´s soooo coooooolllll....  So grown up, so pretty, and so aloof....  I want to play all the time with her, but I need to be a bit older, because I get the idea she´s too cool for me right now.  Anyways, it was a lot of fun.  Together with Defne Abla, her Anne came, Gamze Teyze, and also Selin Teyze.  We were all playing.

She came, and right away coolness struck...  She had this awesome, super cute back pack!!!  OMG!!!

As soon as she came in, she thought the place was dirty.  So she had to clean.  I was a bit embarrassed that our house did not meet her standards.

I wanted to hug her constantly.  

Everybody is stealing kisses and hugs, just look for yourself at Selin teyze.

But she would put these faces implying...  WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE TRYING TO DO??

Eventually she loosened up, and we started playing all together, with our Annes.

Then the Annes left, and we had more girl to girl chatting...

And girl to girl playing ...

And girl to girl yelling ...

And girl to girl fighting ...

It got bad, Selin teyze had to separate us.  I was ready to destroy.

Then Anne came to calm me down.

And I really calmed down.

Then I started waking up and looking cute.

Even abla thought I was cute, so she took a picture.

And then all the girls took a picture together.

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