Monday, July 8, 2013

Doyuk Abi

The one and only!  He came to visit...  He is so hot...  OMG!!!!  He will be a famous actor when he grows up, I am sure.  I hope he remembers me when he is famous.  Anyways...  he came and stayed overnight.  We went to lunch, dinner, and breakfast, all in very nice places where I even tried a new fruit which I highly recommend: watermelon!

Here´s a shot where you can see how hot he is.  Next to his Anne, Ozge.

We played a lot, with him, Ozge, and Onur.  The problem is that the dude can stand up and walk, so I can hardly catch up, he is too fast!

To tilt the odds toward my advantage, I went and made a SERIOUS request to Papá and Dayi.  I said "EITHER YOU HELP ME WALK OR ELSE..."

Papá and Dayi are not dumb...

So I caught up.  And when I caught up, there is always his mother getting her nose where it does not belong!

Then we all went out for a nice breakfast near the sea...  This is where I tried (and loved) watermelon.

I admit, this exhausted me.  Fortunately, I found a good chest where to rest.

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  1. Hi Kayraa
    I was waiting for your post thank you!!
    It was really wonderful to meet you, I think we should do something to meet more often..I'll try to convince my father to visit you in Chile
    By the way do you really think that I'll be a famous actor? Wow!! It sounds great!!
    Thanks for sharing your toys with me, I really liked that little dog and the piano..