Monday, July 1, 2013

I Arrived to Istanbul

It was a long journey, but am finally here. Even if I did sleep on the plane, it was not very restful.  When I arrived, dede, anneanne and dayi were there waiting.  I was sooo happy to see them!  I hugged anneanne so hard I did not want to let go.

When we got home, I was so tired I just lie flat in the first spot I saw.

Then dayidayi came to visit.  I had not met him before, but we immediately clicked.

Do brother and sister look alike?

We took a family pic.  I love them!

Teyze Arzu also came to play.  We played Superkay flying. 

We then went to see teyze Arzu, who was there with a lot of family.  Above all, coolisima abla defne was there!  I tried to play, but she outranks me.  She is too cool for me, but I will win her over. 

We played with teyze Gamze too.

That was it, the first day in Istanbul.  I close this post with some yoga.

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