Thursday, July 31, 2014

A T Shirt With History

Papa has this T Shirt that tells our story.  I mean, when we met, I did not know shit from shinola.  I was helpless.  Papa would do anything he wanted with me.  I, simply, subdued.  Look at us back then, me so naive, and Papa with his mischievous grin (although he looks tired too, as if he had not been sleeping well those days, oh well...)  As Sting would sing 

"I'll be, wrapped around your finger"

Time passed by and I started changing.  I would become more dominant, and at some point, Papa and I were head to head driving things around.  The difference is that I was going up, he was going down...  all without even changing his T shirt.

Now?  Well, the picture says everything.  The T shirt has not changed, the power?  Who's naive now?

Bringing Sting once more, that same song moves on to say

"When you find your servant, is your master
You'll be, wrapped around my finger"

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