Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hangin' Out with Two HOTTIES!!!

While in Istanbul I made some time apart for my 2 favourite, non family Turks: Doruk and Ege.  There is no question Doruk will be a TV star.  I liked to just sit and watch.

Ege's hotness comes from the fact that he is a real badass...  He rides motorbikes, and what's hotter than that?  A tattoo would help...  he'll get one, he told me.  We went out for a ride.  I am not that cool, so I took a car.

But Cutie McCutie did not quit on me.  He taught me how to ride a four runner!  Still not a bike, but closer.

Later at night, we invented this super cool game...  It's called Leggings...  Check the vid!

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